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Transmedia takes traditional storytelling's beginning, middle and end and ties it into a circular loop.  With transmedia, you can ideally jump in at any time.  Technically defined as cross platform storytelling, where each platform tells a unique, but separate, piece of an overall story arc, transmedia adds dimension to linear storytelling.  Characters attain greater dimension, stories become more compelling, and environements richer.  Advertisers and PR folks are still kicking the tires with transmedia, trying to determine how to make it work for their commercial campaigns.


Filmmakers and television producers are much further along with their transmedia efforts, but using transmedia in the classroom hasn't even begun to percolate as a concept whose time has come.  Larry has taught a number of sections of Transmedia Projects at Montclair State University, and, during the 2015 Spring semester, the incredibly talented students in that course authored an educator's guide on how to use transmedia in the classroom.  Below is the link to a PDF of that book and a couple of other interesting tidbits.



Transmedia Book


Video news item on Transmedia class


Transmedia Powerpoint to the Metropolitan Opera Guild

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