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Feature Stories



As a consequence of a GAO (Government Accountability Office) report on the title industry, politicians began to call for government takeover of the title industry.  Larry's feature about the Florida supreme court's Butler decision provide newspapers all over the country a better alternative.

In this feature, which appeared on, Larry reports on the critical difference between successful managers versus effective managers.  The successful ones know how to play office politics better than effective managers, who simply produce results.  Maybe the wrong people are running many organizations today?

Federal Credit Union

A great "how-to" feature on making the mortgage closing process go a little more smoothly (as if that could ever be true!).

Here's a backgrounder written by Larry about his award-winning audio company.  Celebrating its 15th year producing original audio drama,  RRCA has built an impressive array of celebrities who've lent their voices to Larry's scripts.

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